Florida Dome House

On Building A Strong Foundation

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Reinforced concrete construction? Impact-resistant doors and windows?

In Florida, as anywhere, what goes into storm-proofing a home—whether new home construction or a painstaking renovation— is the deciding factor about what comes out of it: you and your family. And it’s still hurricane season, so a good time for me to talk about it.

Florida Dome House

The Dome of a Home in Pensacola Florida.

While Pensacola’s famous Dome of a Home may be among the most potent examples of storm-proofing, you don’t need to live in what is essentially a 6,000-square foot intractable concrete-and-steel vault to ensure your home and family survive, and that there is minimal damage to the structure. Though monolithic domes throughout history (think: the Pantheon with its 25-foot think walls; the Sistine Chapel; and even igloos!) have been utilized for their strength and ability to dissipate powerful wind loads, there are more practical steps my company takes in the custom home building process to help weather the storms. And not all have to do with code.

As creators of resilient, luxury beachfront residences, many materials go into building a safe, comfortable home. The fact is though these foundational elements follow our first objective: to establish a strong foundation on which to work together.

Ahead of slab-on-grade, re-bars and water-proof coatings, what makes for powerful results are the open conversations you and I have, and in turn, the direct, consistent, open communication we encourage among members of your team. As co-founder of MGB, I’ve heard the unfortunate stories of what happens in other places when the focus is not on good communication, or when communication is delegated or delayed in a hierarchical process (there’s none of that here), resulting in hundreds of misspent hours and thousands of misspent dollars. I’ve learned how important it is to listen—the first time, and with an open mind—which is the strongest foundation of all.