Florida Dome House

On Building A Strong Foundation

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Reinforced concrete construction? Impact-resistant doors and windows? In Florida, as anywhere, what goes into storm-proofing a home—whether new home construction or a painstaking renovation— is the deciding factor about what …

On Giving Thanks in a Painting

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As earnest as we are at this time of year about giving thanks, there’s always the self-imposed pressure to climb inside a Norman Rockwell painting and do it from there. But the danger in accepting nothing shy of poetic standards for ourselves comes from the age-old cliché about perfectionism. In short, without the sparkling white tablecloth, perfectly browned bird, ultra-crisp…

chickering piano factory boston

The Importance of Continuity

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In 1972, my father, a Boston-based developer and contractor, got to renovate Boston’s historic Chickering & Sons Piano factory. Among the most prolific piano manufacturers of the 19th century, Chickering was the company responsible for the piano PT Barnum used for world-renowned Swedish opera singer Jenny Lind’s 1850, 93-city concert tour. Transforming the Tremont Street structure into one of Boston’s …

Pilots, Sailors and the Building Process

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My business partner, Grant Castilow, is an avid pilot. I am a lifelong sailor. Sailing and Flying both rely on the principle of lift — which has to do with airspeed, angle of attack and many other technical factors. Without careful attention to lift, and flexible, strategic decisions made to facilitate and maintain it, goals will not be met. Additionally, …