Granada Park, a New Community

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GRANADA_MODEL_TWILIGHT_008_-_Copy_vxgx32Big things are happening within the real estate community in Sarasota, as leading-edge trends and concepts make way for new ways of community living. Granada Park, MGB’s latest development, is one of those concepts making waves.

We’re building our new luxury community around Bay Street and Osprey Avenue. Inspiration for Granada Park is based on the concept of “cluster housing,” a popular trend in major West coast cities like Portland and Seattle. This sustainable trend and technique is all about the use of space. Subdivision houses are grouped closely together leaving a common area for recreation.  Thus, we have meticulously and carefully designed each and every house to work perfectly within each individual plot.  This design means that yards may be smaller, but the use of space allows all residents to enjoy much larger, more functional and more desirable common spaces.

A major trend we’re seeing in Sarasota real estate these days is based, in large part, around the concept of “upcycling” existing spaces.  We’re watching as new homes are being built in old neighborhoods, replacing many decades-old structures that time has rendered obsolete. In most areas, new homes are sporadically being constructed in place of, and among, older homes. The new, MGB design with the Granada Park community, however, is bringing new life into these areas as a mini-development.

Granada Park is MGB’s grand vision of a development designed to provide luxury single-family homes with maintenance free living. Surrounded by an historic neighborhood, our gated community is a homeowner’s dream!  We’ve designed it to include lush landscaping, walking paths and a large community pool with cabana. It’s a unique alternative to downtown condo living.

The development is quietly tucked away in a beautiful area surrounded by older, mid-sized homes. It is reminiscent of a seaside community, such as trendy Seattle or historic, downtown Charleston. We even approached the architecture and design of the homes with that same coastal-craftsman vibe in mind.

Each home is two stories and showcases such beautiful design elements as wrap around porches and tapered columns. They are very much designed with outdoor living in mind and even offer complete, outdoor living spaces.  Each MGB home is also beautifully decorated and laid out with open-concept designs, elevated with luxurious details.

A new home in Granada Park begins in the mid $800’s, but is worth every meticulously designed element, technological feature and amenity. We’ve designed each individual home with our signature MGB attention to detail and craftsmanship, same as you’ll find in all of our custom-built homes.  What’s more is every home in this community is Green, built with sustainability in mind. The homes were designed to be environmentally friendly with focus on the efficient use of energy, water and building materials. We’ve also made each home a Smart home, with technologically advanced features built right into the very foundation of each structure.

These homes, as with any MGB home, are designed for those seeking true luxury, relaxation and comfort all within an exclusive, tight-knit community. It’s a concept that is sure to become the norm with new developments throughout Florida.

Such a grand community requires careful planning by architects, designers and developers. We believe that we have done just that for you, our neighbors, and have successfully erected the Granada Park community to rave reviews. For more information on the Granada Park community and other stellar MGB designs, view our latest article of praise in Sarasota Magazine.