Green Buildings Equal Greater Workplace Productivity

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A Harvard study shows that green building practices enhance workplace productivity.

Infographic-green-build-cog-functionFor decades, experts have been brainstorming for ways to boost productivity in the workplace. There is an overall consensus that a healthy, cheerful employee is a more productive employee; it’s just that experts can’t seem to agree on how we arrive at health and happiness in the workplace. CNN reported that, “A happy employee tends to be more energetic, focused, and positive.” As such, businesses have strived to provide environments that boost the health and the overall positive influence on their employees. One such method being introduced is Greener building designs.

What is green building?

Green building promotes the use of sustainable building practices and the exploitation of natural, renewable resources. A very common example of this is the use of photovoltaic solar power systems. Other (less common) examples include the use of green ventilation systems, natural compounds to break down waste, organic materials used in the cleaning and maintenance of a building’s structure and can even include the exterior modeling and landscaping.

How does this affect productivity in the workplace?

The way that sustainable practices can enhance our daily lives has been studied at length by some of the most prestigious institutions in the country. In a recent report by Harvard university, it was shown that subjects who spent six full workdays in an environmentally-controlled office space tested 61% higher in their cognitive abilities when working in an eco-friendly environment.  When those conditions were further optimized through enhanced ventilation, their cognitive function scores were 101% higher.

The World GBC has produced an extensive report on the same topic, and the results of the report were the same. Employers presenting an environment based upon green design elements are more apt to have healthier and happier employees.

So what does this mean for industry and commerce?

For most businesses, it is essential to focus on high levels of efficiency and productivity. Green technology is not only beneficial for the environment and for the bottom line, but can boost the overall health of the employees.

Green building technology is proving to be a vital part of productivity and profitability. It will be interesting to see how businesses will take this information and use it, especially as sustainable practices continue to be driven to the forefront of economic discussions.


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