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Hurricane Irma – Why Sarasota Was Spared…Again.

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Those fortunate to live through a hurricane in a fortified house got an opportunity to experience the benefit of their investment this week. Many of us who live in Sarasota are feeling very lucky this week and breathing a big sigh of relief that the storm seemed to steer a course around us. But as we clean up our properties and wait for FPL to restore power to our homes, we are grieving for others around the state of Florida and in the Caribbean who lost so much.

If you are curious about how Sarasota survived Irma, here are 4 links that explain what happened, the legend of our Sarasota’s storm safety, and its history with hurricanes.

1. An explanation about why Sarasota “lucked out”, from Sarasota Magazine, and
2. Prevailing hurricane tracks throw up significant road blocks for Sarasota in BestWeatherInc.
3. A Herald Tribune article from 2007 on the Sarasota storm-safety legend…
4. An article about historic hurricanes from the past found at SarasotaHistoryAlive