Must-Have Features for Luxury Homes in 2016

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The personification of a truly luxurious home is not just a well furnished home. When imagining your luxury home, the obvious conveniences may come to mind, such as the picturesque, resort-like pool, an in-home gym, backyard tennis courts or a fully-equipped, outdoor kitchen.

MGB believes in going big, too.  We believe that your home should be your own, personal oasis with all of the amenities, conveniences and latest technologies right at your fingertips. With one of our top-notch designs and detailed craftsmanship, you certainly won’t be lacking in luxury and style.

But, what have other luxury homebuyers dreamt up that maybe you haven’t considered?  What, exactly, should you be looking for when searching for your new, luxurious home?  These 10 ideas are what today’s luxury homebuyers are looking for:

  1. Location, Location, Location: Exclusivity is not only desired, it is a must for a luxury homebuyer. When it comes to upper crust living, a home must sit on an expansive, private, tree-lined property to keep prying eyes out of your home paradise.
  2. Open Floor Plans: A home cannot truly be luxurious without a grand entryway with a large, two-story staircase framing an expansive, open floor plan.
  3. Technology: With the ever-increasing swarms of technological innovation, luxury homes of today can also be smart homes. With a single touch of a button on your smart device, homeowners can control every aspect of their home from any location (be it on the property or overseas!), whether you need to lock your doors, control the lights, change the temperature in each room or set the alarm.
  4. Bedroom Fit for Royalty: Since so many hours of our lives are spent in the bedroom, it is absolutely essential that the bedroom be fit for a king and queen. The bedroom should be a large open space with room for plenty of lush seating and a massive bed. You’ll also want top-notch technology in this room, with built-in systems for security, lighting, remote control window shades and climate control.
  5. Dressing Room: A lavish dressing room is an extension of the bedroom fit for extravagant purchases with unparalleled storage. The walls should be lined with cedar shelves and racks to display your most prized, high-end shoes, purses and neckties as well as provide plenty of lighting and mirrors to model your glorious pieces of art.
  6. Spa Bathroom: The travels of an affluent homebuyer have surely taken them to some of the world’s best spas and resorts, so it is imperative to re-create such opulence with an in-home spa. This includes heated stone floors, massive walk-in showers with waterfall jets, towel warmers and a large soaking tub.
  7. Fully Equipped Kitchen and Wine Cellar: The kitchen is the heart of the home, so it should be magnificent. A grand kitchen should be commercial-grade, lined with restaurant quality appliances and include features like warming draws, wine fridges and plenty of storage with a walk-in pantry.
  8. Outdoor Kitchen and Pool Area: Wealthy homebuyers crave creature comforts outdoors, as well.  A fully functioning, outdoor kitchen nestled next to an expansive pool with a waterfall is the epitome of luxury. The ideal outdoor area should include a built-in gas grill, a sink and stainless food prep area, a small fridge and plenty of seating for eating and entertaining.
  9. Game Room and Home Theatre: The main goal of creating a luxurious space is that you never feel the need to leave the comforts of home. These two amenities are most certainly a given when it comes to luxuriant living, but wealthy homebuyers are taking this one step further with indoor basketball courts, indoor pools and lavish sports bars.
  10. Home Gym: A private, in-home fitness facility is essential to every luxury home.  This includes plenty of space for state-of-the-art equipment and weights, as well as built-in televisions with wireless speakers, a sauna and an indoor pool

Though versions of luxury vary in personal taste and style, one thing is for certain – by including the most modern comforts, amenities and technologies, your ideal luxury home is attainable


Featured photo credit: MGB Home Builders