Pilots, Sailors and the Building Process

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Manipulating Lift

Manipulating Lift

My business partner, Grant Castilow, is an avid pilot. I am a lifelong sailor.

Sailing and Flying both rely on the principle of lift — which has to do with airspeed, angle of attack and many other technical factors. Without careful attention to lift, and flexible, strategic decisions made to facilitate and maintain it, goals will not be met.

Additionally, vigilant monitoring of energy, fuel and supplies are integral to survival in the sky and on open seas. And without the constant monitoring of wind, weather, and also in my case currents, being pushed off-course or worse would be an inevitable fate, which is hard to think about. As pilots and sailors, we have to.

Finally while self-reliance is a key component in flying a plane or sailing a boat, teamwork often means the difference between a fully functioning effort and a failed alternative.

So what does all this have to do with custom home building?

The same principles of flight and sea-faring apply to just about anything, in business or in life, for that matter. Each of these ingredients goes into the process.

The lessons Grant and I have learned in our respective avocations as pilot and sailor have informed our work as luxury builders at the forefront of our profession. They’ve allowed us to instill in our employees (though much to their credit, most came to the job all suited up) the irrevocable tenets of self-reliance, hard work, teamwork, resourcefulness, vigilance and diligence. I can tell you that each of us feels that same sense of lift with every successful completion of a project, every referral and in fact every time we pick up that first shovel of dirt to break ground. Grant and I may not be able to climb into a plane or jump into a boat every day, but our passions produce powerful results for our clients, which may even be better!

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