See why so many consider MGB to be one of the best home builders in Florida.

“I wanted to drop you a note to let you know Lisa and I are so very satisfied with this house. We have been so pleased with what you were able to accomplish for us…”
Drs. Lisa and Amir Arbisser, Siesta Key, FL
“It doesn’t feel like an over-designed, sterile project. It feels like a home that happens to work perfectly in design.”
Mariel Hemingway, Actor/Filmmaker/Author
“The reason we selected MGB is your work represented your ability to embrace different and deliver a true custom home with the finest fit and finish. We love our home.”
Wayne and Mindy Rollins, Longboat Key, FL
“You have created a company that not only does what it promises, but over-delivers on those promises; providing excellent quality and timeliness at a very fair cost!”
Claudia Moricz D.D.S., M.S., Sarasota
“As an architect of custom residences we appreciate the expertise and professionalism of a good builder. We highly recommend MGB for your next custom residential project.”
Cliff Scholz, Clifford M. Scholz Architects Inc.
“Not only is your quality above expectations, you were professional to work with and accessible throughout the project. We are supremely satisfied with everything and feel confident that if we ever need anything you will be right there to take care of it for us.”
Dr. Michael Pawlus, Sarasota
“MGB took great pains with every detail to make sure that our addition accurately melded into our existing home. Both the exterior and interior detail work was magnificent!”
Sandy Stuart and Mike Murray, Sarasota, FL
“I was truly shocked that at our last meeting you showed us the project cost was $26,000 less than we expected! That’s truly a first.”
Marti and David Geske, Sarasota
“MGB helped design and built our home on Siesta Key. It was a wonderful, fun experience…If you are building or rehabbing a home in the Sarasota area, call MGB.”
Bill Cross, Siesta Key, FL Read More
“As far as we are concerned, you will receive high praise if called-on to provide a testimonial.”
Dr. Gregory Hanes, M.D., Sarasota
“The company’s approach is high quality and very conscientious. It’s refreshing to recommend someone who continually delivers positive results.”
Nora Johnson, Sarasota, FLRead More
“Just a note to tell you how much I am enjoying my magnificent new home. I greatly appreciate the craftsmanship of all the trades.”
Kathy Lauder, Siesta Key, FL
“We worked with MGB on a major remodel of our residence. (Likely more involved than building new.) The drywall was removed to the block and the ceiling height was raised. New windows doors, roof, flooring, kitchen, baths, electric and plumbing. We are thrilled with our new home and with the performance of this company. The company and staff is well organized, professional, talented and best of all fun! We were well informed during the project. Regular written reports and personal input and visits from the group. A great team effort when it came to changes and design ideas. Best of all we were way under budget! Highly recommend using this group.”
Ann Martin, Sarasota FL
“Like all Floridians and Sarasotans, we felt various levels of fear, anxiety and concern as Hurricane Irma approached and the forecasts became increasingly more dire. In addition to sharing the experience together and with family, the thing that gave us the most confidence and comfort was knowing that we were going to ride it through in a MGB built Granada Park home. We knew, and Irma confirmed, that we are living in as strong and secure a structure as one can find. The design and quality that MGB puts in to the homes they build is unparalleled. While we hope to avoid any experience like Irma in the future, we can’t imagine a more secure place in which to do it than an MGB built home.”
Linda and Patrick McLain