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I thought I’d share a review we received from a client, Rick Moskovitz. Rick was kind enough to post these words on Houzz.com

Thank you, Rick! It was a pleasure working with you as well.

“MGB took our vision of our waterfront home, enhanced it, then brought it to life, crafted to perfection…

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“It began with a fortress-like poured concrete framework on an expertly engineered foundation that has left us confident that our home will be the last structure standing in the wake of any hurricane. It ended with an impressive attention to detail right down to the wooden plugs over every exposed screw in the deck. The result was a beautiful home, elegant in its simplicity and livability.

Stan, our construction foreman, is worth his weight in gold. While exacting in his attention to the smallest details, he is soft-spoken and easygoing, qualities crucial to bringing calm to a process with considerable potential for stress. He was ingenious at bringing novel solutions to every problem that arose and inspired confidence that every possible problem could be resolved. His temperament also won the hearts of our neighbors and made the process of construction in their backyards as painless as possible. A bonus was his extensive knowledge of the local flora and fauna, which he shared with enthusiasm. His contribution has been priceless.

The rest of the team was also first class. Steve and Grant took us through the initial design phase from our original concept to an executable design. Becky guided us through finishing selections and provided a weekly update of progress with projections of what was to come. Doug and Gina handled the financial aspects of the project with appropriate transparency. All members of the team showed considerable pride and investment in their work.”

– Rick Moskovitz